Pan de Vie: Matcha made in Heaven

Before Kim left for her new life in Malaysia, we went and explored London to discover somewhere to eat.

I’d heard of Pan de Vie thanks to @ladywhobrunches‘s instagram, so we wandered down the road that inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter to find Pan de Vie – a matcha dream.

Pan de Vie

Pictured: iced matcha lattes, matcha and white chocolate ganache tartlette (Left), matcha azuki mousse (right)

As well as being pretty healthy, it was incredibly tasty. I wasn’t entirely sure how much I’d like it since I’d only ever had matcha in drinks, but it was fresh, soft, and not too sweet. I’d recommend the matcha and white chocolate tartlette for anyone who’s somewhat new to matcha, because the chocolate taste balances it out. Still, Kim’s matcha azuki mousse was amazing too, and I’ll probably try that again next time.

Pan de Vie have quite a large selection and a surprising variety, considering it’s matcha-focused. The French-Asian combination is intriguing, the food is cute, and having drinks served in mason jars sets a chilled atmosphere.

Whether you know you love matcha, want to try it, or have never had it before, we would both highly recommend this place! It has charming surroundings and you’ll probably want to go back to try more. We know we do.


Taste: 5/5
Price (value): 3/5 – on the expensive side, but worth it for a treat
Ambience: 4/5 – simple, fresh, and looks out onto a Diagon Alley-esque road; however, it’s a little small, although there is more seating downstairs

Taste: 5/5
Price (value): 3/5 – not bad value for money, but still a bit expensive
Ambience: 4/5 – could use music


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One thought on “Pan de Vie: Matcha made in Heaven

  1. Looks gorgeous! What a lovely lunch treat.

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