La-Di-Da Lunch at Ladurée

Yo, Catherine here! Again. Sorry.


Pictured (clockwise from top left): Pistachio Religieuse (£5.10), Hot Chocolate with Cream, Cappuccino, French Toast with Syrup (£8.20)

My friend and I met up in Covent Garden a little while ago to go for ice cream. Yes, during winter. Don’t ask questions, just accept that I want all food all the time. Anyway, the place we were going to get ice cream was closed. We’ll be going back there again sometime though… eventually.

But since we were in Covent Garden, I suggested we pop into Ladurée. I was intending to just buy a box of macarons before realising we could have lunch there. We sat on the upstairs balcony overlooking the square filled with street performers and a market place. It was bustling; oddly soothing background noise while talking over lunch.

The French toast I had was soft, warm, and sweet. I was given so much syrup there was no chance I’d run out. My friend’s hot chocolate was rich; she too had an abundance of cream to mix into her drink. She also let me try some of her Pistachio Religieuse and wooow. It’s filled with cream and I need another one. The drinks were served in really small cups, but they were pretty as heck.

📍 Location: Covent Garden, London

💰 Price: 3/5. Beautifully presented, really tasty, expensive enough to make me a little uncomfortable.

🍰 Taste: 4/5. Drinks were really small, but everything tasted good. Especially the pastry. I’d recommend getting macarons or a pastry tbh.

🏙 Ambience: 4/5. A wee bit cramped and a little crowded, but cosy. The market place and street performers beneath the balcony were nice to overlook. The pastel colours of the store and its china were so pretty.



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