Ivy League-Worthy Café

Catherine here again!

I went on a date with my waifu today to The Ivy Café in Wimbledon Village. Shoutout to Frith for showing me this place. ♥ It’s actually en route to where I used to attend university, and yet I never noticed it before. It’s almost tucked away on the corner, but its vintage-looking sage coloured doors beckon your attention and curiosity. (And fear of prices.)

My friend and I went in and were greeted at the door by two ladies in lovely uniforms. (So cute.) When I play The Sims and the notification tab tells me I have to put down a host station I’m always bemused since not many places actually have that sort of thing, but this place did. Anyway, we didn’t have a reservation but there was enough room for us. It got fairly empty between 11:30-1:00pm, between breakfast and lunch.


Pictured (counter-clockwise from bottom left): Pot of Tea (£3.75), Avocado and Spinach Benedict (£7.95), The Ivy Café Vegetarian Breakfast (£12.50).

📍 Location: Wimbledon, SW19

💰 Price: 4.5/5. It’s what you’d expect from most restaurants and cafés in London, if a little cheaper. Similar pricing to Bill’s restaurant. It’s worth mentioning that they offer Afternoon Tea for £19.75; cheaper than a lot of places in London.

🍰 Taste: 4.5/5. The toast was perfect; my eggs were runny how I like them; the tea was piping hot; we were given extra toast. I didn’t like the Hollandaise sauce, but I dislike most sauces. It didn’t stop me from eating it.

🏙 Ambience: 5/5. The décor was spot-on. The lights were contained within terrarium-esque structures and paintings covered the walls. It looked pretty outside too, but it was way too cold to sit out. We were seated at a table a little cramped, but it was no problem. Until I nearly knocked over a glass pitcher of water which my friend caught. She’s the real MVP.

Go ahead and check out their menus right here. We’ll be going back for Afternoon Tea. I really want that lemon and lime profiterole…



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