The Coffee Bean – I love you so matcha

Where to start? 

Okay, whenever I land in Malaysia the first thing I HAVE to do is grab a coffee. I mean I’ve just gotten off of a seventeen hour flight so I definitely need a coffee (or tea). Who cares if I haven’t showered since yesterday? Who cares if I’m in day old clothes? If I don’t get my caffeine fix, I’m definitely going to be a major grump 😡😡😡

But I digress. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is possibly my favourite coffee shop as it’s reminiscent of Starbucks and Costas but at a slightly lower price. I’ve only ever been to the ones in Asia although I would love to try its birthplace SoCal one day…

Anywho. I absolutely adore Malaysia’s Matcha Tea Latte whether it’s hot, cold or frappè-d (?) I don’t even know if that’s a word… If it wasn’t, it is now 😁


I think what I love the most about this drink is that it’s not too sweet. The sugar that is added offsets the natural bitterness of the matcha and just adds enough depth to match the creaminess of the steamed milk. 

I definitely prefer my drink to be hot although it is yummy in any form hot, cold or blended.

Definitely would recommend to anyone in Malaysia to try their Matcha Tea Latte!


Taste: 5/5

Price (value): 5/5

Ambience: 4/5 – can be found in nearly all shopping centres, so can sometimes be a little noisy and busy 

Catherine: I need to take Cat here one day!!

Until next time,

Kim x


New Chinese Oversea: To go or Not to go?

 For my last lunch in England, I took Cat to ChinaTown for some good old fashioned Chinese food. 

I’ve been to so many of the restaurants in ChinaTown I pretty much consider myself an expert! However I don’t think I’d ever been to New Chinese Oversea so this was an experience for both of us. 

For those of you who are like Cat and have never tried DimSum before, it’s basically mini plates of traditional Chinese finger food that’s super yummy!


As seen above, the prawn dumplings are steamed and presented in a wooden box which makes it incredibly authentic and healthy! Possibly my favourite type of DimSum that is available.


Also super healthy as it is steamed, this sweet bun together with the savoury pork filling makes for a delicious treat.

New Chinese Oversea has a great selection of food whether it’s DimSum you’re wanting or a set menu, we’d definitely recommend going there for the food.


Taste: 4/5 – really good, would have preferred the sweet buns to have been plain and if they hadn’t sold out I would have definitely got that.

Price (value): 3/5 (DimSum only) pretty good value. Tea was £3 but you do get an entire pot.

Ambience: 3/5 – a little cramped but the decor was nice.


Taste: 5/5 

Price (value): 5/5 (DimSum only) – definitely value for money, very affordable and delicious DimSum

Ambience: 4/5 – crowded, but enjoyable atmosphere. Small seating area with more room downstairs, expect the staff to be rushed and slightly blunt.

Pan de Vie: Matcha made in Heaven

Before Kim left for her new life in Malaysia, we went and explored London to discover somewhere to eat.

I’d heard of Pan de Vie thanks to @ladywhobrunches‘s instagram, so we wandered down the road that inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter to find Pan de Vie – a matcha dream.

Pan de Vie

Pictured: iced matcha lattes, matcha and white chocolate ganache tartlette (Left), matcha azuki mousse (right)

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